Quava Technologies, Inc. is a an Information Technology service provider. We specialize in select product and service offerings in different domains of Information Technology and Communications (ICT). Our diversity encompasses the very experiences that challenged our founding partners in their respective fields of expertise.

Our claim and upkeep are simple – “What we offer, we have successfully experienced.”

At the core front of our service engagement is our Project Management expertise. We help Business drive Information Technology (IT) in order to attain significant decisions in addressing key organizational concerns while sustaining and improving operational excellence and creating a competitive advantage in their respective core competencies. Part of which includes our strong mandate for an institutionalized Quality Assurance (QA) practice. Our bandwagon just doesn’t initiate a project. We can make sure that business stakeholders are provided with unadulterated facts before embarking on a decision.

We are restless without the very facts – “What we initiate, we labor and harness with substantial information.”

Our product offerings – from off-the-shelf software, applications built from ground up to different consulting services that we can offer – are agnostic. We promote a stable list that we believe can help sustain business growth but at the same time, being open to the demands of the ever-changing world of Information Technology.

We see change as inevitable – “We don’t sell, we promote Value in our product propositions.”

We live and breathe by what we do. This is our universe. However small or big our endeavor is, we are guided by our commitment to consistently provide our very own brand of Quality, Value and Technology. Altogether, this is what makes us Quava.

Quality, Value and Technology – “We are QuavaTech. Simply, we are Quava.”